Monday, 12 September 2011

Natasha and David get Married at the Parish Church, Bury and the Bolholt, Bury

When I first met up with Natasha and David and they told me that they were getting married at Bury’s Parish church, I was buzzing! The church is a landmark in my home town and I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding in there. The week before the wedding, I arranged to meet the Rector of the church to find out the do’s and don’ts during the ceremony. I was shocked and gutted to find out that the don’ts were taking photographs and the do’s were… well basically nothing. No amount of gentle persuasion (or pleading) helped sway him otherwise, the Rector has never allowed photos during a wedding service and that was that. Which, I think, is a massive shame as the church is truly a beautiful building and anyone getting married in there would be guaranteed beautiful photographs.

But this was not going to ruin this day, no sirree bob! I arrived at the bride's mother's to find what is probably the most excited bride I’ve ever seen. Natasha was bouncing and skipping between her mum's and best friend's (next door to each other) which had been converted into big beauty salons for the morning. I love covering preparations like this as there were so many people present and so much going on to capture. On from there I headed over to the church and found the groom and some of the guest getting pre-service ‘refreshments’ in the Sir Robert Peel pub across the road from the church. I nipped into the church and had a quick word with the Rector's assistant who reiterated the no photos rule but agreed I could take some shots of them signing the register and walking out together. Better than nothing at all I suppose!

Anyway, Natasha turned up a wee bit late (as is custom) and I stood quietly at the back. The service was great to watch in this awesome church and afterwards I headed back in with the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get some of the groupshots done in there (before being told off and cut short by said assistant, grrr haha!) Then off to the Bolholt for drinks, food and dancing! I’ve documented the Bolholt a few times and praised them well on this blog and they got it spot on again here. The reception was fantastic and finished for me at the first dance, where it all seemed to get a bit emotional, with the dancefloor filling with guests and seemingly everyone bursting into tears of joy! Great stuff, highlights below!

















Congratulations to you both on your fantastic wedding. Thanks for letting me capture and be a part of your amazing day.

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