Sunday, 16 August 2009

All Saints Church

I had the pleasure of being invited over to All Saints church in Whitefield, Manchester this morning to take some photos. I've been past this church countless times and have been in awe of the architecture every time. Have wanted to photograph it for ages but have never gotten around to sorting it out until now.

As I was snapping the outside, I was approached by an elderly gent who informed me that the church is a 'Waterloo church', meaning that it is one of a hundred and odd churches that were built to celebrate the battle of Waterloo. He also told me that the architect who designed this church also designed the houses of parliament! I was given a leaflet with some more history once I got inside, but I cant be bothered typing it all up on here for you.

All Saints Church Yard

All Saints Church Back and Stone

All Saints Church Back

All Saints Church Whitefield

All Saints Vicars Eye View

All Saints Front Screen

All Saints Stairwell

All Saints, View From Upstairs

All Saints Upstairs

Weather today was of a typical summer day in Manchester, so decided to greyscale the outdoor shots. The inside was every bit as nice as I imagined it to be, hope I get to shoot a wedding in there sometime. I didn't really go very well prepared so I intend to go back to re-shoot the inside of the church with some proper lighting gear.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Up in't 'thills!

Took this up in near Burnley somewhere last week.. Doesn't quite have the same effect when it is small on this page but I can't be uploading massive files on here unfortunately.

Somewhere In Lancashire