Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sharon, Pete and Leila Home Portrait Shoot

Continuing on with updating this blog (erm... with stuff I did ages ago), time to showcase some of the portrait work I’ve done recently. Regular readers of this blog (yeah right, ha!) will remember the portrait shots I took documenting my friend Sharon’s last month of pregnancy. Well a couple of months later, she made her husband Pete the proud father of their daughter, Leila, and I paid them a visit to do some family shots.







Monday, 3 January 2011

Claire and Adam at Ribby Hall Village, Blackpool


So I’m going to start 2011 off by.... adding blog posts I should’ve done in 2010 (ok, first new year’s resolution, keep this blog more up to date).

My final wedding of the year was held at Ribby Hall Holiday Village over in Blackpool (or is it Preston?), and what a way to end what has been a great year for me! Claire and Adam had chosen what turned out to be an absolutely belting venue for their big day.

My day started off with me arriving quite early at a very nervous bride’s cabin to capture the proceedings. Claire had pre warned me about how nervous she gets at big occasions and I really felt for her as she made her preparations. Her gorgeous bridesmaids were doing their best to help keep her nerves at bay whilst getting themselves and the little ‘uns ready. I quickly zipped over to the groom’s cabin to find Adam almost as nervous as his bride to be. As has become typical groomsmen preparation, the lads were enjoying a cheeky early pint as they shot their cuffs and attached button holes and all had a jolly good laugh. As they made their way to the venue, I nipped back to the girls to find Claire just unveiling her dress, and the tears just started rolling (not mine mind, I’m dead tough and that).

From there everything went just swimmingly well. Claire chose her son to walk her down the aisle and he looked proud as punch to be doing so. After the service we went for a little drive around the holiday village in the Rolls Royce laid on by the venue to get some shots at different parts of the park. Once the group shots were done, everyone made their way to the beautiful dining room where the tables were organised with James Bond movie themes. The couple were kind enough to provide me with a meal and I must say, this was THE tastiest main course I have ever had at a wedding! I stayed right through the evening reception and have to say I had an absolutely fantastic time. Highlights of the day below:

















I think I took more photos at this wedding than any other I’ve covered as just so much fun stuff was going on all day. As I said before, what a fantastic way to end my year wedding wise! Congratulations to the pair of you!