Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Not a good traveller!

MEH! I feel rotten! I yesterday returned from a week long holiday in beautiful LAS VEGAS BABY! About a stone heavier and with possible liver damage, but man, what a great place that is! Photos will appear on here at some point.

But long haul trips are my complete downfall. Yesterday was a mammoth journey: 5 hour flight from Las Vegas to New York, then a 6 hour wait in Newark airport, before another 8 and half hour flight back home to Manchester. I can't sleep on planes and had no kip whatsoever on that journey so slept like a baby last night but still feeling rough today! This picture, although not taken today, depicts exactly how I look / feel today!

But enough of this moaning! I've returned to the UK with a renewed vigour for my photography and have a raft of new ideas i'm excited about trying out real soon. First I have to clear this backlog of work I left behind before I went away, so less of this jibber-jabber, time to fire up the Photoshop!

Back real soon!