Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Almonds and the Robinsons

I had a great day today photographing 2 families in their homes. I couldn't wait to get the photos on my computer and check them out. I'm well happy with the results and think they will be too!

The Almonds





The Robinsons





Sunday, 22 March 2009

Syd Bozko 07/03/09

Got a bit (lot) drunk at a gig the other week and took some live shots for local up and comers Syd Bozko. Genuinely don't remember taking any photos of them but ended up with some alright results.






There is an interview with them in this weeks Urban Life magazine so look out for it. Also check out their Myspace page

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Blog Cherry Popped!

Oooh it hurt so it did, but I bet it's a lot more pleasant the next time!

I thought it was time I got off my lazy rear end and start up some bloggage. It promised to be a gentle experience but proved quite rough and has left me a tad sore!

I'm not sure I approve of the green theme I have chosen so it will probably alter a number of times before I am comfortable with its appearance.

I think I will kick it off with posting my latest business card. I've been meaning to update it from my crappy previous attempt at moo-cards which I ordered rashly and have been embarrassed and ashamed to hand out ever since. I reckon these ones look a bit better. I've done an order of 50 through Moo to start off with and will order more if they please me.

Back of card
Card 1

Card 2

The two pictures are ones that I am quite proud of. One is from a wedding I did last August and the other is my wifes cousin who provided a willing model whilst attempting some off-camera strobist tomfoolery!